Above we see Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Fernando Alonso holding aloft the trophy he received for winning the 2007 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix. The trophy is styled after the signature grandstands at the Sepang International Circuit, which in turn are styled after the National Flower of Malaysia, the hibiscus.

Meanwhile, back in the states… above is Roush Racing driver Greg Biffle holding aloft a trophy he received for winning the 2005 Samsung/Radio Shack 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway. This trophy is a pair of genuine functioning guns – a pair of Beretta Stainless Stampedes. (OK – the guns aren’t the primary trophy for winning the race, there’s a regular one with the main race sponsor’s logos on them. And this was a race that was two years ago. Details… details… let’s move on.)

The point is… that foreign crowd, with their F1 and white wine drinkin’ and such, are bringin’ flowers into the whole racin’ deal! That’s not a “git er done” attitude!

(OK… some of you may now be pointing out that Beretta in fact is an Italian firearms manufacturer and that Richard Childress, President/CEO of NASCAR’s Richard Childress Racing is also the owner of North Carolina’s Childress Vineyards. Again with the details…)

Beretta and the Texas Motor Speedway – at the Beretta USA web site

Childress Vineyards web site

I love this video. Its sheer awesomeness is hard to express in words, but here goes. (Note: It isn’t immediately hilarious but it builds very well and eventually crosses into surreal.)

Apparently, this is a cross between American Idol and Japanese drifting. I’m not really sure because I don’t understand Japanese. But, I’m convinced that not being 100% sure what’s going on actually makes watching this much more enjoyable.

Here’s the (apparent) plot:

  1. Japanese amateur drifters enter competition in their rather expensive looking drift modified machines.
  2. (Speed + horsepower) > skill. Leading to… screeeech, bang.
  3. Many cars are involuntarily customized. Many bumper covers become dislodged.
  4. Judges sit at table and laugh.
  5. Judges table is positioned in gravel trap at outside of calamity corner.
  6. Cars occasionally careen towards and near commentators.
  7. They laugh, we laugh, everyone laughs except perhaps the competitors.

And then, just to add to the hilarity, they run the amateur competitors in groups. Up to five at a time, with the grouping apparently often established by car color (why the heck not?). Group running just means more objects available for collisions and the competitors take full advantage.

I recognize a variety of Nissans and Mazdas, but I’m not enough of a domestic Japanese release carspotter to recognize all the nameplates. If someone can, please chime in.


Oh the humanity automotivity! A prototype for Audi’s 2009 R8 V-10 burned to the waterline during testing at the Nurburgring. Or would have burned to the waterline if it had been a boat, in which case they could have sunk it to keep it from burning down all the way. No humans were harmed during this incident. If you don’t count the emotional pain.

This is not your 414HP V-8 (engine from the RS4) R8 which is launching soon (now?). This is the 2009 V-10 R8 which is rumored to produce about 500HP.

Follow the link for details and more pix at The Car Connection. Parental Guidance Suggested. May Cause Weeping.

Audi RS8 Mule En Fuego! (

the yawing momentum
changes from the time
of corner entry

A haiku on the temporal nature of our perception of physics? Or an analysis (40 seconds into the video) of the handling of a Subaru Impreza WRX STI by Hattori-san* as he dives it into a corner? It could be both but it is at least the latter.

We do know this is video of some high quality driving of hot street machines around the Tsukuba circuit in Japan. The aforementioned Subaru, a Mitsubishi Evo VIII GSR and four flavors of the Nissan Skyline (R32, R33, R34 and V35).

We present Part Two of the Two Parts first as it contains the haiku. Part One is below, it is haiku free.

* Naoki Hattori – Japan Super GT, JGTC and Formula Nippon driver as well as two stints in the US in Indy Lights and CART in the 90′s. He also had two DNPQ’s in 1991 in F1 (Did Not Pre Qualify, back when some had to do that) with the ill-fated Coloni team.

Part One of the Two Parts…



It’s our first post and in keeping with the theme of the site and in honor of the holiday, it’s Easter + historic race facility + stretch Mercedes. 4 minutes and 13 seconds of video of Easter 2003 cruising around the Nordschleife in a stretch S-Class. Drinking of course ensues as does much passing of the limo (in all likelihood the slowest thing on the course at the time ever). Also, check out some Ring schadenfreude at 3:20 – a would be Ringmeister has an unfortunate meeting with the armco (so unfortunate I can’t tell what kind of car it is/was).

Easter Nürburgring Limo Video (13Mb AVI – right click to download or click to view from Keith’s Nürburgring Nordschleife Video Page